About Field Trip

Welcome to Field Trip!

Field Trip was created by me, Belle Beth Cooper. I’m a writer, iOS developer, and co-founder of a Melbourne-based startup called Hello Code.

In late 2015 I was working for Ghost as a content marketer. I started working on an idea for a Ghost-branded online magazine. I wanted to do something more unique than the standard company blog approach to content marketing. Just after I finished the first article for the magazine (but before it was launched), I was suddenly fired.

It seemed like my magazine idea died when I was fired, but I still thought it was worth trying. I adjusted the idea slightly and turned it into Field Trip.

Field Trip is home to longform articles about experiments I’m trying. From learning parenting from my parents, to writing an email course for the first time, to testing different approaches to making friends. If I think it’s interesting, I’ll try it. And then I’ll write about it here.

Field Trip is free to read, but you can support my work by becoming a patron. My Patreon account is dedicated to financially supporting Field Trip so I can work on it more often. The more support I get from patrons, the less time I need to spend on freelance work to pay my bills, and the more time I can spend trying experiments and writing new articles for Field Trip.

Every little bit helps, but if you can’t afford to support me financially, you can still enjoy my work on Field Trip. Thanks for reading!